The Influences Project:Paul Ash

What are some of the writing/publishing careers that have inspired you, and why?

Paul Ash, monologist and publisher of Sniffy Linings: Hum. It would be dishonest not to mention Burroughs first. Though I hesitate because it took me three years to beat the tag of being a Burroughs impressionist. Some not getting the line between influence and emulation. But this was mostly given to me by people who maybe read Can of Air [early grit chapbook] and never saw me perform.

The work of Spalding Gray has definitely been a source. Not only because he does monologues, which have been a definite influence even in my deciding to try that first one sans paper. But also because he’s a very conversational writer and he also tends to make Time jumps throughout his texts.

Other than some others including, Allen Ginsberg, Laurie Anderson, Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Adams, Ted L. Nancy, some of my influences are local people involved with the group of writers I hang out with such as Mykle Hansen, Kevin Sampsell, Carlton Mellick and Mark Russell. They each have very defined styles which I respect quite a bit. [12/24/02]