The Influences Project:Laura Brian

What book/writer/publisher has most influenced your own publishing efforts?

Laura Brian, Proprietor of Pinball Publishing: Black Sparrow Press. Grove Press. Early McSweeney’s to name a few. I really like Clear Cut Press out of Astoria, Oregon, and J & L illustrated, partially because of their exquisite production values. Have you ever seen the book A Secret Location on the Lower East Side? It chronicles the adventures of underground publishing in the US from 1960-1980. Every project in that book is an inspiration in some way–From City Lights to Fuck You: a Magazine of the Arts. I basically get excited every time I go to Reading Frenzy (small press bookstore in Portland) or look online at People are inherently creative, and it is very reassuring to see that force at work in the small press community. [12/6/04]