What’s Your Project?Project #124

One night while out on a smoke break, I looked at a sidewalk tree outside our building and thought, “Man, that is one sad tree. It looks cold and wet and pathetic. It needs a sweater!”

I went home and whipped one up, it only took an hour and a half to knit. Then another fifteen minutes or so, standing outside in the cold at half past midnight, stitching it up.

The instructions are pretty basic: essentially you just measure the tree of your choice, and make a very, very small sweater. The seam is a little unusual, because it has to fit around the tree (you can’t pull it over the tree’s head, for obvious reasons).

Knit in acrylic yarn, the treesweater has withstood two months (and counting) of Seattle winter weather. It’s still hanging in there!

I have more detailed instructions, as well as pics, posted on my blog here.

I would love it if more people made treesweaters for sad urban trees!

Seattle, WA

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Project?Project #124

  1. Classmates of mine at the Rutgers-Camden Fine Arts Department had a project much like this last semester – I believe for our 3D Fundamentals course.
    Students knitted sweaters for the trunks of trees and installed them on the streets of Camden. I believe photos & articles are still hanging up at school, I’ll snap some shots and make a second post if I get a chance next week. (I couldn’t find anything online).
    I think one of the so-called slogans went something like “even trees need a little love (warmth?) sometimes too”.

  2. The town next up the road from where I live, in South East Queensland, Australia, has the Warwick Jumpers and Jazz in July festival each year, where every deciduous tree in the main street has a hand knitted jumper (sweater). It’s co-ordinated by the local art gallery and is a very popular part of Brass Monkey Season!

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