What’s Your Project?Project #125

Get a bunch of little plastic cups, fill them with soil, and sprinkle some seeds in them. It doesn’t matter what kind of seeds you put in — they can be flowers, or fruit, or vegetables. After you put everything in the cups, put a little label on them with a message like “Make the world a better place. Plant me.” Then, go around your neighborhood, or any neighborhood for that matter, and simply place a cup on everybody’s doorstep. Theyll find the cup eventually, and who knows, maybe sooner or later youll notice new plants along your street!

Noah Gampe
Bellflower, CA

3 thoughts on “What’s Your Project?Project #125

  1. Honestly, I don’t know if I would trust anything left on my doorstep by a stranger? What if I plant the seed and a baby grows?

  2. LOL well you should also be aware that numerous young people have been taken to court for just this sort of thing. Don’t ring the doorbell after dark (even if it’s early) and don’t put it in a box with ?’s on it. Our society has truly become suit happy and paranoid beyond reason … oh wait, the paranoid are already beyond reason … oh well … just watch yourself … LOL

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