What’s Your Project?Project #127

Make a list of the authors of ten books that you love. Google them to find out their contact information. Email each of them, stating why you appreciate them and their writing. Share how their writing has affected your life. Request a brief interview via phone, email, or, if they live nearby, in person! Prepare five or six questions ahead of time and document their answers. Create a blog (weblog) and dedicate one entry to each author you interview. Make sure you include a picture of either the author or one of their books.


Over the years, I have corresponded with many authors I respect and admire. One story in particular stands out.

One summer, I was browsing in the art section of a bookstore. A book fell off the shelf, begging me to read it. I bought it that night and promptly wrote a letter to the author, asking if we could meet up in person. I wanted to talk to her about my creative goals and dreams. She called me a few days later and said “I’m driving to Santa Barbara to do a book signing for my second book. Want to meet for lunch?”

So I did. Shortly after that, the author asked me if I would be her assistant at her first-ever workshop, to be held in New York City. Not long after, I assisted her with her second workshop. We kept in touch and she became a world-famous writer and speaker about the topic of creativity. One cool thing is that she’d often thank me in the back of her books.

Eleanor Traubman
New York, NY
Creative Times

3 thoughts on “What’s Your Project?Project #127

  1. But if the writer’s really famous and all, one won’t get his email address on the net, right?
    And if even if one does, the writer probably won’t reply in the first place!

  2. I think you will be surprised the authors that you find have websites where you can find a way to contact them. It might not be a direct email. Over the years, I have contacted several authors and have recieved email replies from them. I always feel thrilled when they take the time to write me back! There are a lot of authors out there that aren’t celebs and want to keep away from fans.

  3. It’s great fun to do this – I was so thoroughly impressed and inpsired that I was compelled one day to tell the author so. I was so delighted to hear back from them and they always sounded pleased that someone took the time to write them. I have heard back from every author (apprxo. 5) I have writen to. But have not pursued it further that just an email to them. Check the inside jackets of the book covers for their link as well as the Internet.
    Found this site by accident and am so inspired to participate in 52 Projects

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