What’s Your Project #128Dream Journal Project

I keep a dream journal that I write in several times a week. Here’s how to start one of your own:

1. When you are brushing your teeth before going to bed, brush for awhile with the hand you don’t normally use. This activates the non-dominant, non-logical side of your brain and gets you ready to be tuned into your unconscious.

2. Even more important, as you fall asleep, have the intention to bring a dream back with you when you wake up–I think of it as similar to going fishing. Sometimes you will catch something, sometimes not.

3. Keep a journal by your bed. There are several approaches to this. You can be very disciplined about it, making sure to write down every fragment of dream that you can recall, especially when you wake up during the night. Or, you can take a more relaxed approach and just write whatever’s left in your head in the morning.

4. I am using a journal with black pages that I write on with silver and gold ink, because that has a cool look that differentiates my dream journal from my regular journal. Choose whatever notebook and pens work for you, fancy or simple.

5. When you write your dreams down in the morning, just write everything you remember. Then go back and reread, and try to do a little analysis. If any words or phrases are lingering in your head, look them up in a dictionary, even if you know their meaning. There will be cool second and third levels of meaning to discover.

6. Make sure to keep a playful and respectful attitude toward your unconscious mind, which is very powerful and wants to make your life more fabulous!

Anya Weber
Jamaica Plain, MA

One thought on “What’s Your Project #128Dream Journal Project

  1. This is a very cool idea. I have tried to write down my dreams before with spotted success. I love the idea of using black pages…I think I will buy some jelly pens today.
    and welcome back; South Africa…WOW!

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