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Jim Emerson, the editor of one of my favorite sites, (because I am a huge fan of Roger Ebert and his love of movies), has a very cool project going on his Scanners blog: The Opening Shots Project. He publishes short essays on opening shots of note — why they are great, what they convey, how they impact the overall film. The introduction on the project is here. Definitely worth checking out. It will inspire you to not only take a look at the opening shots of the movies featured, but just of opening shots in general.

And I mentioned I’m a fan of Roger Ebert. Well, he’s in the hospital right now (according to his site), and just want to send some good thoughts his way. Get better soon Roger Ebert.

Part of my weekly ritual is to read Ebert’s reviews. I do it just to get a feel for the new movies coming out, of course, but I have to say, it’s more than that, certainly more than getting a star rating: there’s always some revelatory remark that Ebert makes, something about the movie, yes, but also about life, about dreams and feelings and relationships, and I am always taken aback. See, for example, the last paragraph in this review of Young Adam. Amazing stuff.

I’ve been seeing quite a few movies lately (I think I saw six films on the plane ride back from South Africa alone, plus an episode of Without A Trace and this very cool show The Harry Bikers Cookbook), and I also just jumped on the Netflix bandwagon. I mentioned Young Adam because I just saw it this past weekend (then looked up the Roger Ebert review to see what he had to say about the film). There’s a particular scene in that movie — The Custard Scene — and if you’ve seen the film, then you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Well, it got me thinking about my favorite scenes from movies — not favorite movies, just some favorite scenes — and I was able to list quite a few right off the top of my head. Young Adam isn’t one of my favorite movies, but The Custard Scene is now one of my favorite scenes. For my next post, I’ll write up some of my favorite movie scenes.

Yes, I am one of those people who always steers the conversation in the direction of movies.

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  1. “The Hairy Bikers” are great aren’t they! I’ve watched all their shows (well I live in the UK so they were on TV). I liked the way they did two things. They cooked food from other countries that people don’t usually see, let alone cook. And they talked to real people! All of my favorite travel books are where the writer interacts and makes the same level as those they are interacting with. I’m glad you’ve mentioned them! I didn’t know they had their own website!

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