Favorite Movie Scenes

These are not necessarily favorite movies, just favorite scenes from random movies. These are selected moments that have just struck a chord with me, float to the forefront of my mind from time to time, ones that can make me start laughing so hard I can’t finish my sentence, scenes I like to relate to others on long car drives when we’re all just talking to make sure the driver doesn’t fall asleep at the wheel.

The aforementioned "Custard Scene" from Young Adam.

Bill Murray’s "It just doesn’t matter" speech from Meatballs.

The scene where Wil Wheaton sees that deer in Stand By Me, and explains that he kept the sighting to himself, didn’t tell his friends about it.

When Anthony Michael Hall tells his friend "Don’t mess with the fantasy" in Weird Science.

The scene in City Slickers when one of the ice cream entrepreneurs, in response to Billy Crystal’s challenge to name the perfect ice cream to eat after a hot dog, says, "Scoop of vanilla, scoop of chocolate (throws his plate down) — Don’t waste my time."

In The Untouchables, when Kevin Costner is trying to stop that baby carriage from falling down the steps, chasing it in slow motion, and then a running Andy Garcia throws up a gun to Costner, slides to the bottom of the staircase, stops the baby carriage from falling with his foot, and has a perfectly lined up shot at the bad guy.

That scene when Booger from Revenge of the Nerds shouts "He’s skiing on one ski!" in the movie Better Off Dead.

When John Candy as Uncle Buck is trying to explain to his girlfriend why he can’t show up for his first day of work at her auto shop, yet again.

The scene in Y Tu Mama Tambien where the boy wakes up and realizes he is driving through the hometown of his nanny, is clearly moved by it, and then decides to say nothing to his traveling companions.

The love-making scene in Late Marriage.

When they leave the old blind man’s house in The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada.

The woman sitting quietly and demurely smiling on the park bench with the true love of her life in After Life.

In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when Charlie returns the everlasting jawbreaker and Willy Wonka stares at it for a moment and then in a whisper says, “A good deed in weary world.”

The old man on the swing in the rain in Ikiru.

What are some of your favorite scenes from movies?

8 thoughts on “Favorite Movie Scenes

  1. I have a bad memory for specifics in movies… But I just watched “King Kong” so I remember this one.
    The intrepid adventurers on Kong’s tropical isle are standing in a fresh Kong footprint and Lumpy the ship’s cook (my favorite character) says “Only one thing could make a print this size…”
    dramatic pause
    “… The abominable snowman.”

  2. And, why, oh why did you not list the scene in “Goodfellas”?
    “What am I like a clown to you? I’m here for your personal amusement?”
    or the scene towards the end of “Goodfellas” where Robert De Niro is trying to get Lorraine Braco to go pick out a dress from a dark shop. Her paranoia (rightly so) oozes off the screen.

  3. The scene in Harold & Maude where Harold, while being introduced to yet another young woman by his mother, chops off his arm with an enormous kitchen knife.

  4. The scene on the plane in Almost Famous when they all join in singing to “Tiny Dancer”….makes you want to sign at the top of your lungs!

  5. Bill Murray, The Man Who Knew Too Little, asking Joanne Walley how she crys, “Are you thinking right now, ‘My dog is dead!'” as he pokes himself in the eye.

  6. Here’s a few favs::
    Odile, Arthur and Franz do the Madison in Band of Outsiders.
    David gags as he rapidly cuts through his former roomate’s leg bone with a hacksaw in Shallow Grave.
    Garbo lays a wet kiss on Elizabeth Young in 1933’s Queen Christina.
    J.J. Gittes tells a dirty joke oblivious that his prim and proper employer, Evelyn Mulwray, is standing right behind him in Chinatown.
    The police chief beans The Dude right in the forehead with a coffee cup in The Big Lebowski.

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