What’s Your Drink?

Before work: small coffee with two sugars and milk; After work: Budweiser; After a long day at work: whiskey on ice; On special occasions that include my brother, father and grandfather: Johnny Walker Blue Label; At weddings: Gin and Tonic; After a long run: Gatorade (either the blue or orange), then water, then ice water, then Budweiser; On Sunday mornings: coffee, with milk; At a BBQ: beer from the cooler; At the bar: draft beer, trying something new, vodka, sometimes called, sometimes not, and whiskey, pretty much always called. Dinner with friends: red wine, then beer; In Marche: Peroni; In St. Maarten: Carib: Paris: wine; Costa Rica: Imperial; South Africa: Castle Lager and Amarula; LA: Bud Light; Houston: Shiner Boch; San Francisco: Bass; Miami: Corona; London: beer; Occasional, and should have it more often: sake; After midnight: whiskey. When I’m alone: whiskey or Budweiser. Celebratory moments with my wife: Prosecco.

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