Mexican Food in New York

Like a lot of people, I often complain about not being able to find good Mexican food in New York. So I was really glad to find out about this new book, Nueva York, by Carolina Gonzalez and Seth Kugel. In an interview by Dan Avery in Time Out New York, Gonzalez talks about her new book and adresses the issue of why people complain about not being able to find good Mexican food in NYC: “Because they’re expecting Tex-Mex. But New York’s Mexican immigrants come from Puebla, which has its own cuisine and culture. They make cemitas, which are eggy, sesame-seed rolls filled with beef, avocados, chipotles — everything you want in a sandwich. Yes, it’s true you can’t find a good burrito here. So stop looking for the damn burrito and start eating all these other great things you can find.” Enough said, point taken, and I am now on the hunt for cemitas!

2 thoughts on “Mexican Food in New York

  1. I saw that write-up in Time Out. I actually took great exception to what she said about expecting Tex-Mex. Where I come from (California) if you say Tex-Mex you get your mouth washed out with Pace picante sauce. Much worse than soap.
    Nevertheless — I’ve only been in NYC for about 6 months, but I have found an acceptable burrito and taco shop in the form of Uncle Moe’s on West 19th Street. Top-shelf? No. But as good as any mediocre joint in San Francisco or LA. Doesn’t even touch San Diego. But what does?

  2. How I miss El Cuervo. You are right. Nothing touches San Diego. Late nights, cheap beers and a bean burrito and the guacamole and chips… and Star Trek The Next Generation on the tube. You just can’t beat that…

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