What’s Your Project #129Knuckle Tattoo Project

My project is a knuckle tattoo website. Knuckle tattoos are typically two four letter words or an eight letter word tattooed across the tops of people’s hands so you can see them when you make a fist.

I’m collecting pictures of people’s knuckle tattoos and the stories behind them. Knuckle tattoos fascinate me on a lot of levels. On one hand they totally appeal to the word geek in me, all the combinations of words and ideas. On the other hand, in a world where being tattooed has become socially acceptable, knuckle tattoos still carry the tattooed-scary-person stigma. Many of the people who have knuckle tattoos do live outside normal society, but they all have a story and/or a reason for getting them.

My project is to collect their stories and spread the word. So far it has been really great. Everyone I’ve talked to has been really incredible and the stories are always great.

What I need are more pictures and stories. I can understand that approaching someone with a lot of tattoos (especially knuckle tattoos) and asking to take their picture and asking them fairly personal questions can be kind of intimidating, so if you want, just point them to the site and suggest they send in their info.

The site can be reached at guess where: knuckletattoos.com.

Nathan Black
Austin, TX

P.S. — Puns intended.