Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Bridge,and the Web

I really like what the Brooklyn Museum is doing with its online initiatives. There’s a myspace page, a flickr page, and very cool presentations of its digital collections. Of special note is the digital collection of the museum’s images of the Brooklyn Bridge, which is made doubly cool by its community page.

The above picture, which was submitted via a flickr group pool to that community page, was taken on August 14, 2003, when NYC (and other major parts of the Northeast and Canada) suffered a blackout. We walked over the Brooklyn Bridge to get home. What a walk! Made worse by the heat, and the fact that before we really embarked on the long journey home, we stopped off at a bar thinking we’d just wait it out, and drank a few too many. The owner eventually kicked all the patrons out of the bar, and by then, it was becoming clear that, well, the power might not get turned back on anytime soon. And so the walk home began. It was a long walk, and not a very pleasant one. But walking over the Brooklyn Bridge was pretty amazing.