What’s Your Project #131Photobooth Friday by Andrea Jenkins

Each Friday, I post a different photobooth frame or strip from my personal collection and write about it on my blog. In my 36 years of living, I’ve built up quite a collection — personal strips taken at drugstores, amusement parks, restaurants, nightclubs (at so many different stages of my life), as well as beautiful old strips I thankfully inherited from parents and grandparents and other relatives. And my collection is not limited to personal strips — there are also vintage ones that I’ve found in the bottom of boxes at fleamarkets or junk stores or that others have thoughtfully passed on to me.

The idea behind this weekly creative exercise is as simple as this: share the image and tell the story, be it fictional or non-fictional. Also: it’s a place to share a collection that means the world to me. It’s motivation to write every Friday. It’s reason to drop everything and go out and find the nearest photobooth.

I invite all to participate once a week, once a month, once a year, whenever and however. The only thing better than sharing my own photobooth strips and stories are the ones posted by others that I get to check out each and every weekend.

Weekly entries and links are posted on my blog — as well as the Photobooth Friday flickr group.

Andrea Jenkins
Portland, OR
Hula Seventy

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