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I always love checking out the "Staff Recommends" section at bookstores, reading the personalized, handwritten notecards talking up various books. Sometimes the books are classics, sometimes they are bestsellers, but usually they’re a bunch of eclectic books that I have never heard of or are far off my radar as potential reads, books that would not normally get such great placmeent in the store — and I am glad to be made aware of them. I think the blogs of bookstores or bookstore workers are sort of like those "Staff Recommends" sections. I really enjoy checking them out. I’ve listed some below… if you know of any others, please post the link in a comment.

Atomic Books Blog

Harry W. Schwartz Bookshops’ Inside Flap

Book Passage Blog

Powell’s Books Blog

The Inkwell Bookstore Blog


Wordsmiths Books Blog

Bookseller Chick

Fresh Eyes Now

The Written Nerd

Book Soup Blog

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