Poem For G, 1/29/09

Inspired by our conversation at the 4th Ave. Pub, and also, an episode of Elvis Costello’s show Spectacle featuring Norah Jones, Kris Kristofferson, Rosanne Cash, and John Mellencamp, not to mention that second, but certainly not the last, Sly Fox beer.

I’ve got clothes on the chair behind me.
Dirty clothes.
I wanted to put them away hours ago.
I can’t lean back, comfortably, anyway, and yet, there they are, on the back of the chair.

I should be writing.
But I am fiddling with the music.
I keep wanting to hear this song.
And that song.
Brings back memories, and various thoughts, about the things that I’m pretty sure happened exaclty as I remember them.

I could really go for some fried chicken.
I wish it was Sunday morning.
God, Norah Jones, she’s got a hell of a voice.
She’s hot, too, in that real world normal way, like you could know her, if only.

I wrote a story a while ago.
It’s pretty darn good.
There’s more to it, even… more to the story.
But I’m not sure where it’ll go next, got to think about it, which I’ve actually been doing now, for a while.

What was it she said about nothing left to lose?
Or maybe it was the song in the background…
That was a hell of a night.
I have to remember this, got to write it all down, just got to sit down, but damn is it time to put away these clothes.