Waiting For Normal by Leslie Connor

Waiting For Normal, a YA novel by Leslie Connor, is by far above and beyond the norm. It is an absolutely wonderful and moving gem of a book. The whole way, you’re both rooting for and fully worried about Addie, the main character. She’s so full of goodness and innocence, you are on the edge of your seat hoping that she finds the happiness she deserves — It’s all around her, but it cannot fully inhabit her life due to circumstances beyond her control. The novel is one of the most honest and heartfelt I have ever read — it jerks your heart around, but in the best of ways, in the way it should be jerked around, in a way that reminds us that goodness is at the core, even in people and places that are marred by mistakes and shortcomings. It is there, and you will see that, as Waiting For Normal reminds us, as long as you have it in yourself. Addie has a plentiful supply of goodness, enough to share and then some. An unforgettable and inspiring character. A wonderful book. Highly recommended. You can buy the book here.

One thought on “Waiting For Normal by Leslie Connor

  1. Thanks a lot for the book recommendation. They are always appreciated.
    When I read The Perks Of Being A Wallflower I was touched very, very deeply by Charlie’s heart, and the genuine goodness in him. It was just so nice to read about someone that didn’t pretend to be sarcastic or had piss-off-attitude the whole time. It made me appreciate the goodness in my self, as lame as it may sound, or seem to other people. Because for some reason, if you are good, then you nauseate people.
    Your review made me think of that. So I will make sure to read the book. Thanks a lot.

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