Project #37

Track down a picture of every place you have ever lived.

Not the geographical location, but the physical structure that you called your home. From the house or apartment you grew up in, to your dorm room freshman year, to all the apartments in various cities and countries you’ve lived in over the years (for which you may or may not have actually been on the lease), all the way up to the place you live now.

Some of the pictures will be from parties that you threw. One will be a picture of the family in front of the house. Another will be an image of the cat sleeping on the bed. One will be of you, standing near the door and dressed to the nines, holding a beer. There may be one of a person you can’t even recall knowing sitting in a chair in your living room. There will be one place for which you won’t be able to find a single photographic record. One will be a picture of the hallway, probably taken just to use up the last picture on the roll. One will be of you and an ex, just hanging out on a lazy Sunday afternoon, taking pictures of each other because you’re still in the phase of being in awe of your mutual attraction for each other. And one will be just of the place, because you are so happy with how it looks and proud to call it yours.

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One thought on “Project #37

  1. too strange. This fall, on a lazy Saturday in October, I wrote a list of every address I could remember. Then I wrote my sister to get help on two locations where we lived together as adults. I couldn’t quite remember the street names. Fortunately, I still had check books for the two locations that were out of state because it was hard enough to find the houses, apartments and condos here in town. Then, a few weeks later, I took a camera and my husband on a trip down memory lane. We managed to photograph about half the locations and we haven’t found time to visit the outliers. What fun (in a quiet way). So many memories of different points in a life that has stretched to 50+ years so far. I wonder if and when I will move to a new home…
    PS: Is anyone listening in Dayton, OH and Stamford CT that could snap a picture for me?

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