Is Debbie Gibson’s “Only In My Dreams” A Good Running Song?

Is Debbie Gibson’s “Only In My Dreams” a good running song? I haven’t quite decided. Added the song to my playlist, and on the first listen, thought I had made a big mistake. But later, after about mile 8, when my old man bones were having a hard time moving along at a velocity that would keep me upright (meaning, not laying flat on my back, whimpering for medical assistance), I heard the song cycle through again and definitely felt myself perk up, even quickening my pace from mach-snail 1 to mach-snail 2.

Before you scoff at my terrible musical taste, for even daring to add the song to my shuffle, understand that when running, a fast-paced pop candy song that in other circumstances might cause you to walk over to a sound system and slam it into the ground is just what you need on a run — it can really wake you up when your entire body is telling your oxygen deprived brain to stop… just stop… (See Touching the Void for an extreme example of this).

One thought on “Is Debbie Gibson’s “Only In My Dreams” A Good Running Song?

  1. I heart Debbie Gibson! Even though she goes by Deborah, I will always love the albums the recorded under Debbie. Hilary Duff is another shameful secret that appears on my ipod when I run.

    I really like your blog and I have been trying out some of the “projects” lately. Thanks for keeping it up!

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