Manhattan Half-Marathon January 2012

Of course the first snowstorm of 2012 was going to happen on the day of the Manhattan Half-Marathon in Central Park. It was cold, snow was falling, and the road conditions were a bit slippery. All of this made the run a bit more difficult. Those questions you ask yourself while running long distance runs, such as “Why why why in the fuck did I decide to do this?” stream through your head with a bit more urgency. The worst part for me is my non-waterproof gloves (great planning on my part, as usual) got soaked-through and my fingers were pretty much frozen to the bone for maybe 8 of the 13.1 miles. But in the end, such things just make finishing the race that much sweeter — the longer the distance, the more pain in your legs (and arms and back and neck), the more incredible it feels to run across that finish line. Would I do it again? Hell yeah I would do it again. But next time, I’ll wear better gloves.