The Andy Monument in Union Square

The Andy Monument in Union Square comes down on Sept. 4, 2012. The sculpture by Rob Pruitt — a Public Art Fund project — has been up on the corner of 17th St. and Broadway since March 30, 2011. It’s a striking silver statue, not too big, but definitely something that catches your eye when you’re in that bustling neighborhood. I remember seeing it for the first time and wondering what the heck it was. Sad to see it go, but that’s the cool thing about public art in NYC. It’s always popping up, catching your eye, making you curious, possibly gone the next day.

Great Site: Making Stuff and Doing Things

This fantastic site — — is all about just that: Making stuff and doing things. It’s run by Nicole Lavelle and is packed with creative projects of all kinds. Lots of inspiration to be found. Here are just a few examples: 10-22-38 Astoria, An Ode To Summer In The West, and Little Artifacts. The left sidebar of the site offers a great long list of creative project-making, so go check it out.