Very cool project: — a website that allows you to create an online showcase space for your lists, whatever those lists might be — wishlists, favorite movie lists, to-do lists, and more. The project was created by Lisa Nola and Adam. You can read more about the project here. I like the way Lisa described it to me in an email: Listorgraphy is “basically capturing life in lists (every list you can imagine I suppose).”

There are also these wonderful companion Listography books, written by Lisa Nola and illustrated by Nathaniel Russell. These are certainly appropriate items to place on your holiday gift/wish lists.

I have to say, like a lot of people out there, I love lists. From found lists to grocery lists to life lists, to GTD lists to Not-To-Do lists. I’m all over the place with them — I go from trying (and quickly failing) to get with the whole Getting Things Done system to writing whatever pops into my head lists (countries I’ve visited and the beers I drank in them; rainstorm memories; movies that are ideal to watch on airplanes; best music to listen to while running) on scraps of paper. These lists are usually misplaced fairly quickly, and I don’t stumble upon them again until I finally get around to the to-do list item of cleaning up all the stacks of paper that are piled up all around me. I need to make a list of my lists, and then add an item on my to-do list to post some of them at

The Rookie Mom’s Handbook

This excellent book, truly handbook size, is chock full of fun projects — 250 activities, to be exact — that you can do with, and without (as pointed out right on the cover) with your baby. It’s by Heather Gibbs Flett and Whitney Moss, who run the popular website. Both the book and the website are definitely worth checking out.

WNYC’s Street Photography Project

WNYC has put together a fantastic package on street photography in NYC. They’ve also set up a Street Photography Challenge flickr group where you can submit your photos. Notable images submitted to the group will be posted at the Street Shots site, and after June 20, 2008, one photographer will be selected to be featured in an online video. Full details on the challenge can be read here.

Watch the video featuring Bruce Gilden and get his take on taking pictures of passerbys on the streets of NYC:

Watch the video featuring Sandra Roa discuss her work documenting day laborers in Jackson Heights: