Cambodia Trip

To get there:
First, a very typical, stressful "last day before vacation" 8 hours at work.
30 minutes of high stress trying to flag down a cab in midtown (right at 5 pm, of course).
1 hour cab ride to JFK.
3 hour wait at the airport.
6.5 hour flight to Frankfurt, Germany.
1.5 hour layover in Frankfurt (where I paid $6 for a bottle of water!).
11.5 hour flight from Frankfurt to Singapore (had a row of three seats all to myself on this flight, so I cannot complain at all about this long stretch of the journey. Slept like a baby).
2 hour layover in Singapore.
1.5 hour flight from Singapore to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
15 minutes to get through immigration (very fast!)
30 minute taxi ride from airport to the hotel where my wife was staying at in Phnom Penh.
10 minute tuk-tuk ride from hotel to bus station.
6 hour bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap.
15 minute taxi ride from bus station to our hotel in Siem Reap.

Upon arrival at the hotel, I had my first Cambodian beer, an Angkor.

Followed by an incredible meal — a sweet and sour fish dish, and fish amok.

And after a night of rest in which my body tried to reconcile its many hours of travel with the whole time change thing (Read: bad sleep), we got up early and took in the sunrise at Angkor Wat, the first of many temples we were able to visit.

Much more on the Cambodia trip to come. It was amazing.

See also pictures at Flickr. We took almost 1,000 pictures… many more to post.