2006 Vendy Awards

Last year, one of the best events I went to was the Vendy Awards. I wrote about it here, and you can see pictures here. Good food, good cause, good time. The Street Vendor Project, which runs the event, just announced that the 2006 Vendy Awards will be held on Sunday, Oct. 22 at the St. Marks Church-in-the-Bowery in NYC. Mark your calendars and buy your tickets now ($50 each)! And also, take a moment to nominate your favorite vendor cart — the Vendy finalists are chosen based on your votes.

Snakes on a Plane

I somehow angled my discussion of the stories we do not tell over at SMITH into a post about Snakes on a Plane. I’m letting readers here know because the first 10 people to leave a relevant comment on that post (at SMITH) will get a copy of the Snakes on a Plane Quote Book. So far, not much interest. I think perhaps people have hit their limit on hearing and talking about Snakes on a Plane. But if you do have something to say about the movie, or your fear of snakes, say it over at SMITH!

Been Checking Out:

Shooting War over at SMITH.

Rachel Kramer Bussel’s interview with Carl Lennertz, the Publishing Insider, over at Gothamist.com.

Reviews of the excellent film Cache. Thank goodness I read these reviews before I saw the film, or I would have totally missed what happened in that last scene in front of the school.

Modish — an excellent site that highlights crafts, clothes and design from indie makers and designers, focusing on “style the indie way.”

Two Productivity Sites of Note

WorkHappy.net — “Killer Resources for Entrepreneurs.” Lots of links, lots of product reviews, with an emphasis on cool apps (why they are the “killerist”), efficiency, and helpful advice.

SolutionWatch.com — “Your Descriptive Source of Solutions.” This site focuses on web applications, products and services — excellent, insightful, in-depth reviews.