Pumpkin Donuts

Of course I had to try the seasonal pumpkin donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts. At the counter, I just asked for the pumpkin donut. I was told there was more than one, and asked, “Which one do you want?” I was just about to pick one, but that inner voice that speaks up during important moments made itself heard inside my head, and I was able to say this instead: “I’ll take both.” The guy waiting for his coffee next to me said, “That’s how you do it!” Indeed. Nice start to a gorgeous fall morning.

Finally, a Croissant Donut

So this was not an official “Cronut,” but it was the idea of a cronut — a croissant donut fresh out of the fryer (or oven? not sure which comes first) from Sarabeth’s Bakery in the Chelsea Market. I enjoyed it very much. I’d definitely have another one (or ten). I think the key, like with all baked goods, is to get it while it’s fresh and still warm. Are these croissant donuts worth all the hype? No, I don’t think so. But it sure is fun when that happens, fun to seek it out and get a chance to try it. I don’t mind hype. I like hearing about new stuff. Especially food.

Yes, a PB&J Donut

This may look like just a regular ol’ delicious maple-glazed donut, but it is not.

Believe it or not, that is a peanut butter-glaze. And of course there is jelly inside. So, yes, a PB&J donut.

The “delicious” part definitely hold true! From Leske’s Bakery in Brooklyn.