Working For The Man Book

The book takes a raw and humorous look at the workplace and offers up unique and offbeat ways to improve your work experience, ways to keep the relentless churn of the daily grind from wearing you down, and ideas to make your countless hours in the workplace work for you. The book also features some amazing drawings by artist Danny Jock, as well as over 140 Working For The Man Rules — bits of truths and wisdom that strike at the heart of the beast that is the 8 to late at night eight days a week world of work.

Here are some of the nice things people said about the book:

“Anyone attempting to enter the workforce and deal with The Man without this funny, seditious, and crucial document should have his cubicle examined.”
Stanley Bing, Fortune magazine columnist and best-selling author of Crazy Bosses

“I found Jeffrey’s book ridonkulously amusing. I was a secretary for 5 years and feel like I know each of the anecdotal characters personally. Needless to say the suggestion on how to celebrate Secretary’s Day hit especially close to home.”
Jennifer Perkins, proprietress of Naughty Secretary Club and Host of CraftLab

“At last, a veritable how-to on self-preservation, entertainment and vengeance in the workplace. Jeffrey Yamaguchi guides readers through the slippery terrains of the corporate maze with expertise that only comes from years of wriggling under The Man’s oppressive thumb. He exposes the truths of corporate life with humor and a razor sharp wit. Whether you are a rookie or veteran cubicle dweller, Working For The Man will make you proud to work in cubicle land.”
— Kim Waldauer,

“This book should be handed out to every disgruntled office drone in America. It’s guaranteed to inject humor and creativity into even the most soul-suckingly dull workplace.”
— Lilit Marcus, Co-Founder,

“Ferocious, hilarious, and rebellious, Working For The Man is both an entertaining guide to the hell of cubicle land — and a map out of it. Yamaguchi skewers bosses, coworkers and corporate America in this comprehensive manual to staying sane and wreaking havoc in the workplace, and he does it with a facile ‘been there, done that, got fired’ attitude.”
Bill Keaggy, author of Milk Eggs Vodka: Grocery Lists Lost and Found

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