Project #11

Shotgun a beer with your old drinking buddies. Get a 12-pack, of the cheap shit you used to drink back in the day. Then, mail a can to each of your old drinking buddies, as they no doubt live all over the country. In each of the packages, include a note explaining that everyone needs to shotgun their beer at the same time on a specific date. Nothing like the old days, of course, but it will definitely stir up the ol’ memories, no matter how hazy those memories might be.


And, man, those were the days. You’d make the call to your connection, maybe someone’s older sister’s ex-boyfriend, or possibly some guy named Hank who lived in the run down apartment complex on the other side of town who’d buy your booze for the price of six-pack (“We want 15 12-packs of Schaefer and 12 two-liters of Tropical California Cooler”). The exchange would be made, maybe in the back of a supermarket, and the alcohol would make it back to the party house and immediately be passed around. To commemorate the start of the party, your best buddies would gather around, use a key or a pocket knife to poke a hole in the side of their beer cans, hoist up the beers, pop the lids, and effectively shotgun the brewskis. The long gulp, then an even longer belch, all in unison. Someone would turn up the song on the stereo, maybe David Bowie’s “Changes,” “Strangers When We Meet” by the Smithereens, or “Add It Up” by the Violent Femmes, the next round of Schaefer’s (“The beer to have when you’re having more than one”) would already be in hand, and the party would commence.

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