Project #13

Help your friends get lucky.

Have a dinner party on the next Friday the 13th. Invite all of your good friends. At the end of the meal, no matter what kind of cuisine you’ve served, bring out a tray of fortune cookies.

Make sure to organize the tray so that you know who gets which fortune cookie. The reason for this is because earlier in the day, you carefully pulled out whatever fortunes were in the cookies, and replaced them with fortunes specific for each of your friends. You know them well enough to craft just the perfect individualized fortunes: “Monica, you will lose your writer’s block and will write the perfect ending to your novel-in-progress,” or “John, you will pass the bar exam, no problem,” or “Alex, your trip to Europe is going to be full of adventure and will include not just sex, but sexual options,” or “Sam, those boots you just bought are going to quadruple your already potent knockout status.”

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