Project #18

The next time you get some bad news, or your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/best friend gets some bad news, pop open a bottle of champagne.

Don’t just go home and flip on the television, barely eat whatever happens to be in the fridge, and sit through Jag, Judging Amy, or whatever crap TV re-runs happens to be on the tube. Or if a person close to you tells you he/she’s just gotten some bad news, take it upon yourself to make sure this person doesn’t just sit on the sofa in front of the television all night and mope.

This isn’t a variation on going to a bar and getting smashed-up drunk, drowning your sorrows in beer after beer. Champagne is for celebrations — weddings, championships, election victories, job promotions, anniversaries. But at the same time, why does champagne have to be all about the good times?

Pick up a bottle of champagne, get it where it needs to be, and pop the cork. Pour the glasses and make a toast: “Shit happens,” or, “It’s always something.” Then drink it down. Because it’s, always, always something.

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