Project #21

Take a picture every day for a month.

Have your digital camera at the ready, and make sure to either take a picture of the same scene every day at the same time for 30 days, or just go about your day and make sure to take one picture each day for a month. You could also take a daily picture of yourself, or someone you are close to, for 30 days straight.

At the end of the month, get the photos printed and organize them into chronological order. Then, place the photos into some kind of a book or photo album, or make a poster out of them, put them in a special box, post them on a bulletin board, or hang them on a wall or along a clothesline.


In the movie Smoke, the shopkeeper (Harvey Keitel’s character) of the smoke shop takes a picture of the street scene from the doorway of his shop every day at the same time. He’s done it for years, and keeps all the photographs in photo albums. He’s showing one of the photo albums to a regular customer (William Hurt’s character), and the customer is just hurriedly looking through the album, and the shopkeeper tells him to slow down, that he’s missing the point. The customer then starts to look at the photos more carefully, and then he finds one in which his wife, who is now dead, is captured just walking down the street.

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