Project #38

On one of those rainy days when the season is not quite ready to make its shift into the next, those noticeably different, quirky days that bridge summer to fall, or winter to spring, take a picture outside the one window that you always go to when you just want to stare outside and feel comforted by the fact that you are on the inside looking out at the whole God damn world. Maybe it’s a landscape of backyards, clotheslines and patios and stacks of leaves. Your front yard and the quiet street in front of your house. A view of the city lit up at night, a sea of yellow cabs down below. The apartment building across the way, the guy on the fifth floor is just sitting in front of his window, like always.

Write down what you see. What’s always there? What changes? How long have you known the view? What do you think about when you look outside?

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