Project #41

Create something during the time when you are doing your laundry. The deal with this project is that you can only work on this project when you are doing laundry. It will be known as your “laundry project.”

Some laundry project ideas:

Take photographs of the laundromat. Take photographs in the area around the laundromat.

Write stories that are all connected in some way to the chore of doing laundry.

Write erotic stories that all take place in a laundromat.

Write letters to a friend. (laundry trip 1, Oct 11, 20__; laundry trip 2, November 1, 20__; laundry trip 3, November 17, 20__; etc.)


I have to do my laundry at a laundromat. Since I hate the weekend crowds — fighting for dryers and hoping the kids running around don’t spill their canned soda (usually some bright colored orange flavored drink) all over my freshly cleaned clothes — I wake up early on a weekday and do my laundry then, when the place is empty and I have my pick of dryers. I have to get there by 6 AM so that I can still make it to work on time. Especially in the dead of winter, getting up that early is rough going. But a total lack of clean underwear or socks, not to mention a giant pile of dirty clothes, usually forces the issue. It just gets to the point where the laundry has to get done.

Once at the laundromat, I usually just sit there bleary-eyed and tired, and zone out as I watch my clothes get soaped up and make their way through the various wash cycles. Same thing in front of the dryer. I watch the clothes tumble dry and act as if my staring will make the time left on the minutes display dwindle down faster.

Of course I bring reading material. Usually the paper. Maybe I’ll get through the gossip column, but mostly I just flip through the pages. Sometimes I pull out some paper and make a to-do list for myself, things that I have to get done once I get to work.

It’s so quiet in there, just the meditative hum of the machinery. No one around to bug me. It’s too early to make phone calls, and certainly no one is going to be calling me at that time in the morning. I’ve got a seat, as well as empty seats to the left and right of me. It’s the perfect place to get some writing done. Why do I just sit there and do nothing?

(Written on July 2, 2003, while doing laundry.)

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