Project #51

Ask your Grandparents to tell you some stories. Make sure to document these stories, either in writing, or on a digital audio or video file.


“I got a call from the school. They said, ‘Come in right away.’ So I left work and headed over there. I was worried that your Dad had gotten hurt.

“But when I got there, your Dad was just sitting on the bench right outside the Principal’s office. He didn’t say a word. He seemed very calm.

“The Principal waved me in and closed the door. He thanked me for coming in on such short notice and then told me that your Dad had threatened him.

“I asked, ‘What happened?’

“The Principal explained that he had caught one of your Dad’s friends misbehaving. ‘I had taken hold of the boy’s arm, to escort him to the office, when your son stepped in front of me and said, “Take your hands off him.”‘

“I just nodded.

“The Principal then said ‘It was quite inappropriate and frightening to be spoken to in that manner.’

“I nodded again, and told him, ‘Okay, I will deal with this.’ I thanked the Principal for his concern, but I didn’t apologize.

“I walked out of the office and your Dad followed me to the car. I didn’t even say anything to him. He wasn’t in trouble with me, see, because I knew your Dad. I knew that was just his way.”

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